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9/14 KnowMads / Common Market / All Star Opera

KnowMads - Seattle Hip Hop - have a synergy that can only come with a decade’s worth of writing and performing together. Their sound encompasses two unique personalities and tones, but the message of their music has one voice. “Our fans often tell us they feel like we put their thoughts into words," Pepe says. "It makes us realize how universal our message is. We've created a cultural outlet for those who don’t feel they have a culture to connect to.”

Based out of SEATTLE, All Star Opera at surface level is a Hip-Hop/Soul band.
Listen a little closer and one will find a collective of artists balancing a diversity of talents and influences. Two emcees, Flow Carter and Oz + a four-piece band play back and forth creating a vivid sound migrating between genres with both attitude and grace. This is Hip-Hop. This is Soul. This is a collective experience being channeled by a band of brothers in groove. This is a full moon in the middle of the day. Or as the six-fingered beast says, this is All Star Opera.

$7 adv
$10 door

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