The Exotic Music Lounge

Exotica is our religion.  We worship at the temple of Martin Denney. 

...our live stage has hosted everything from legends of vintage surf and roots reggae  to rockabilly and revival punk.  We entertain a lot of jazz and especially like those capable of exotic inclusions.   Hometown artists are always welcome, we belive Boise is a growing musicians paradise!  We are open to booking anyone as long as you please Tiki, the Mai Tai Gods... and pack our dancefloor. 

For music inquiries, please contact Garren Spinato at 208-392-8102 or


Reef PA

Behringer X32-23 channels available


Mains: Custom Bi-amp tops

             4 Turbosound IQ18B Powered Subs


4 Monitor Mixes-Yamaha Monitors


On-board effects, no outboard gear


QSC/Face Audio Amplification


Sennheiser, Audix , AKG Mics


8 Front white par cans

8 Led back lights with basic functions.  No intelligent lighting.


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